Student Work: Final Projects


Student Work: Widget Maker

A-roll + B-roll = story

The widget maker interview Assignment:

Time to take what you have learned so far about sequencing and shot selection and produce a short video story about someone who does something interesting. It could be an artist, or someone who has an interesting job. How about a friend that has a cool hobby or sport? Just make sure to choose someone who does something visual.


Student Work: Sequencing A to B

The cutting carrots is a well-known video assignment given to new solo video journalists at the Video News International storytelling boot camps in the early 90s.

The premise of cutting carrots is to learn the basic foundations video sequencing by shooting something repetitious (like someone cutting up carrots.) The goal here is to shoot as many types of shots that you will later edit together into a montage.

Without sequencing your video in a scene, what you are left with is just one long boring shot.





Vox Pops student assignment 2018

SFCC students in the Intro to Documentary DV Production class shot this video and  instructor Colin Mulvany edited it together in class using Final Cut Pro X video editing software. The purpose of this assignment is for students to get familiar with their cameras and to do basic man-on-the-street interviews. This video of their work shows students how they can take over forty-minutes of raw video and edit into a story form of less than three minutes. From here, we move on to sequencing, which is the foundation of video storytelling.

“Watchtower of Turkey”: A Master Class of the Edit


Read about who the video was made here.

Please read about the production of this amazing video and answer these questions:

Each edit has a purpose. Why do the edits work?

Why is it important to have a workflow with a complex project like this?

This was a personal project of the producer. Why is it important to do this kind of work?