Match Cuts in Film Editing

This shows great examples of how Match Cuts are used in film editing. You will use match action shots the most in your video projects.


Veteran NBC News correspondent looks back on 40 years of American Story-telling

Check this out: Recently retired NBC News correspondent Bob Dotson, a storytelling master, posts his favorite stores. Please watch two or three and really look at how each story unfolds. Look at the narrative arc. Does the story have a reveal? What are the gold coins in the story? Does the storytelling keep you watching? Is there an emotional connecting made in the story? How is the story opened? How does it end? Dotson told his stories for 40-years on the Today show. Everyone of them is special.  Post a link to the blog of your favorite story and tell me why.

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GraceSon Housing Foundation

I saw this video during a photo arts club meeting a couple weeks ago. Former student, Sam McGhee is always a great guy to talk to about the photography world. I love the cinematic view in this video. Great wide, medium and tight shots. Also there is a great emotional factor, and this one is hard not to tear up over. 

Student Videos: Widget Maker 2016

A-roll + B-roll = story

The widget maker interview Assignment:

Time to take what you have learned so far about sequencing and shot selection and produce a short video story about someone who does something interesting. It could be an artist, or someone who has an interesting job. How about a friend that has a cool hobby or sport? Just make sure to choose someone who does something visual.

Dream Ride

I though this video was great because of the natural sounds. They kept in the chain noise as he rode which I think really helped with the story. I also liked that they cut on motion, as soon as he left the scene. But also on sound when the music is playing. I really liked the edit where it is 4 different locations but they had it so it looked like he rode through all of them at the same time. Also how its light and dark, like on the hills, he’s riding in between the light and the shadow. I think they edited pretty well between wide medium and tight shots, sometimes it was wide to wide but it didn’t look bad.