Student Work: Widget Maker Stories

Assignment 4

A-roll + B-roll=story

The widget maker interview

Time to take what you have learned so far about sequencing and shot selection and produce a short video story about someone who does something interesting. It could be an artist, or someone who has an interesting job. How about a friend that has a cool hobby or sport? Just make sure to choose someone who does something visual.

Camera gimbals help you attain smooth movement in your cinematography

Check out the opening video demonstrating the use of a Freefly Movi M5 camera gimbal. This is on my to buy list. These rigs are changing the look of all types of video production, from documentaries to Hollywood blockbusters. I have drilled into you the importance of sequencing your video with wide, medium and tight shots, but once you understand and master that technique, understand that movement beyond pan and tilt in video is also part of the filmmaker toolbox.