Class Update

It’s the final mile of a marathon folks. All projects need to be done by the end of class Friday. This week will be much like last week. I will be working one-on-one with you. If you get too behind, I will become your hands on the keyboard. It is important that your final project is the best they can be. Look for anything that doesn’t look or sound right and fix it on the timeline. Don’t forget to color correct each timeline clip.

Class update: Week nine

We are on the final stretch of the quarter. You should be shooting your final documentary story this week and maybe even doing some pre-editing of your footage. Get it downloaded ASAP to make sure everything–audio, focus, white balance –is working. I am still waiting for your story treatment assignment. Please have that to me no later than Thursday at the beginning of  class.

Tuesday, students need you to finish up and export their Widget Maker videos by the end of class.

Finally, there are a lot of folks that are missing chapter summaries. Your grade gets slammed by not having those done –even if they are late. I need to know you read the chapters and understand the info. It is going to get crazy in the next few weeks, so don’t get behind.  Have a plan to finish strong!